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Insec2eat wants to be at the forefront of alternative food creation 
and assume sustainable responsibility for society and the environment.

To support the cultivation of edible insects through innovation and technology and to produce edible insect products certified to international standards to meet the global need for alternative nutrients, especially protein sources. Strengthening the network of alliances of native edible insects to promote sustainability and quality of life. Focusing on consumers to get the maximum benefit from quality, safety and nutritious products is paramount. We are proud to be a part of responsible consumption and environmental protection. Building trust between stakeholders with a serious focus on the production process along the entire supply chain for social responsibility and the preservation of sustainable natural resources and environment is our daily task. We stand for the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and understanding related to insects. 
Innovation and development to produce food and drinks containing insects are the future projects of Insec2Eat.

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