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By November 2021, Insec2Eat was able to donate €275 by selling products online.
Help us, the money is urgently needed.



Insec 2 Eat is committed to the Björn Schulz Foundation


I decided to support a social project by selling the products out of conviction. The last time I supported a charitable organization was many years ago and I have neglected it ever since. As I was planning my project, I took up the idea again, thinking of something small but important, something for children. During my search I came across the Björn Schulz Foundation. The foundation supports families with seriously and terminally ill children. In addition to the Sonnenhof children 's hospice, families are also supported with various outpatient services. The three pillars financed by donations are the accompaniment of the families in the Sonnenhof as well as the offers for siblings and bereavement.

A sensitive topic that society likes to keep silent about, but it is a reality in our world. I was able to convince myself of the work during a tour on site. I'm still impressed afterwards by what is done there and with how much warmth and dedication this work is carried out. For this reason I would like to support this project, even if it is a small amount. I will donate €0.25 from each product sold and €0.50 from each set sold to the foundation. If you feel the need to do something more for this foundation, take a look at the website of the Björn Schulz Foundation Berlin.