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Edible insects and their benefits for human nutrition

Why eat insects?

In animal feed, edible insects have long been used to meet the protein requirements of livestock. But they also offer some advantages for people:

  • Protein source with vitamin B: That's why insects are healthy
    Edible insects are one
      excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids , B vitamins and important minerals. All insects contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and crawling animals have a similar amount  protein  like the meat of beef,  pig  or  Turkey , freeze-dried but a significantly higher. The exact percentage of protein varies depending on the species of insect.

  • Insects are more climate friendly
    Studies show that insects are more climate-friendly than meat: They need less space and water than cattle, pigs or chickens and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Sustainable alternative to meat from livestock
    Insects also win when it comes to sustainability: At 80 percent, their edible proportion is significantly higher than, for example, beef (40 percent)

Mealworms: a special source of protein for athletes

The frequently used mealworm has particular added value for athletes. Because if mealworms are freeze-dried, the protein content increases from 18.7 percent to 50.9 percent. For comparison: beef has 22.3 percent, pork and chicken 22.8 percent. For this reason, there are already some mealworm-based protein bars and powders available for athletes.  

Source: passages from text 05/17/2021